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A dynotag is a Web/GPS enabled Smart Tag that empowers you, its owner, to organize and share information.

Every dynotag has a unique web address that can be entered into any web browser for instant viewing of tag contents. The same web address is also provided in a QR code on the tag for convenient access via smart phones equipped with a QR reader app.

Dynotag offers a large selection of ready-to use, purpose built, high quality smart tags online and through our partners. After purchasing one, you activate it simply by clicking the “activate tag” at the dynotag homepage and following simple instructions.

There are NO subscription fees or any hidden recurring charges for your dynotags. Your initial purchase gives you the use of your tag for life, with ample storage and amazing capabilities included.

All dynotags are powered by an advanced Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) that is online 7/24 to serve you. As a tag owner, you decide what information to enter in the tag, what level of security to use, and update anytime you want.

You even get to pick from a variety of features for different uses. We suggest starting simple, getting your tag online – then adding more information or updating the information as needed.

Dynotags make it easy to share suitable contact information from your private “my account” page, avoiding entry of redundant information as you add tags to your collection.

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