VIP Lounge Access In Over 900 Airports
With Priority Pass

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Established in 1992, Priority Pass is the world’s largest and most prestigious independent airport lounge access program, with over 600 VIP airport lounges throughout the world.

The number of lounges in the program is constantly increasing and a current list of participating lounges can be accessed at

Priority Pass access allows you to enjoy the comfortable relaxed environment of VIP airport lounges, regardless of the airline you are traveling, your class of ticket, or your membership status in airline frequent flyer clubs.

A key benefit of Priority Pass membership is that ALL lounges within the program can be accessed by you whenever you are travelling, and you can invite colleagues or others travelling with you.

With standard Priority Pass membership each visit to a Member Only VIP Lounge is only US$27 per person. If you would like to explore options that provide some free accesses or unlimited access please contact Member Services at

You can visit Priority Pass for
more information here or check out the growing list of Priority Pass Lounges here
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